This year has been a year of discovery, in myself and my photography. One thing I have found is that I really do like taking photos. That may sound a bit obtuse seeing that it is my profession; however, I found that even on my off time I want to take photos. If it’s an event, sport or even just a portrait, I want to keep moving.

In 2018, I spent a good portion of my off time taking photos. I found a great community of surfers and skaters, which has helped me fall even more in love with shooting extreme sports. I find so much love in watching people strive to land their tricks and catch a wave, even if they keep falling down. As someone who has never had good balance, this is my way of inserting myself into a lifestyle I have always admired. Maybe 2019 will bring me to a surfboard…Surf on SaturdaySurf on SaturdaySurf on SaturdaySkate BashSkate BashSkate BashSkate Bash

I have met some incredible people this year, many of them being talented musicians. If there is one thing I love more than sports, it is good rock music. I am so lucky to have friends that are open enough to let me take their photos while they perform. Performance photography is a specific art and I really am hoping to improve this coming year. Hopefully my musician friends are okay with that as well.


2018 was a year of senior photographs as well, my favorite portraits to take. It’s so fun to put people out of their comfort zone and make great images that usually surprise the subject. I had the privilege of taking my sister and cousin’s high school senior photos, and I was so happy with so many of them. Senior photos are a great way to practice environmental portraiture while also making families happy and I hope to find a way to do more of these for the students in Galveston.