November was my month to work on capturing pure interactions and emotions, something that I miss more often than not. They make for the most honest photos and finding those moments is so special, because they are so real.

Lone Star Rally Day 3

I love this photo for it’s purity. This sums up Lone Star Rally. Seemingly tough exteriors having a great time with friends on their bikes. It’s so easy to feel happy when you’re surrounded by people having a great time.

Galveston Island State Park

This was taken on the same day as the first photo. The sky made me really happy. Although there is not much going on in this photo, it was perfect for the story. The state park will be closing its beach for renovations that will take over a year. This photograph shows two Girl Scouts enjoying this beach while they can.

Clear Falls vs. Pearland Dawson volleyball

Although not my best volleyball photograph, I love it all the same. I like how clearly you can see her eyes and the placement of the ball. I like being able to see teammates in the background, since volleyball is such a team sport.

COM bond

I waited a while for this one. Sometimes you have to wait nearly two hours for a photograph, but you better not miss it when it happens. This was the moment College of the Mainland learned their bond was passed during November’s election. It great to capture excited educators since they have waited so long for this bill to pass. Although there is only one subject in focus, you see the excitement behind her as well.

Dickinson clean up

This photo came by accident, although it was a happy one. I was try to work with the light and get these two volunteers helping each other out. However, they were directly behind a sprig of leaves for the shot I wanted, so I decided to layer the sprig on top. Although unsure of the photo at first, I have come to enjoy it’s simplicity and the shapes work well together.

Clear Falls vs. Texas City basketballClear Falls vs. Texas City basketball

These photos were taken on the same night, the first basketball game of the season. Clear Falls fans were confident they were going to beat Texas City like they had in football, but that was not the case. Texas City had killer defense, which I wanted to showcase in the first photo. Their actions in the first photo and the faces of the second photo tell the story of a surprising loss.

Galveston County Adoption Day

I could yell at myself about how I cut his little feet out of the frame, but I can’t do that given the faces in this photo. Seeing him clap after officially being adopted by his parents was the sweetest thing I’ve witnessed in a while. You can feel real love and excitement here and it’s quite beautiful.

Lucy the cadaverLucy the cadaver

It’s not every day you can play with a cadaver at work. This morning at Ball High was so fun. Although these students love to study the fake cadaver, they are still affected by the weird parts of the human body. The wonderful faces in the first photo tell the viewer that sticking a hand in a fake cadavers mouth will have a different effect on everyone. This second photo did not run for obvious reasons, but I love the color and weirdness of the frame.

Medical Quackery in the Bryan Museum

This photo is another simple frame, but I love it. The exhibit was being featured for a story so I made sure to focus on that while avoiding reflection and weird lighting from the glass. Also it took a lot of squatting to capture the viewers in the glass, hah.

Texas City Thanksgiving dinner

Working Thanksgiving was extremely chill. May not be the most professional way to describe it, but it was. I had the opportunity to capture a community lunch in Texas City and it was wonderful. So many people got boxes of food, donated clothing and groceries. This happy was a wonderful find. I love the entire interaction of the family of three. You can see their calm demeanor and with the gaze of their eyes. I think it’s just a nice summary of the event.

Hotel Galvez tree lighting

Although catching selfies is common and not too exciting, I still like this photo. It’s extremely clean, it almost looks fake. The family is well lit and you can see the height of the massive tree. The Galvez lighting is something we cover every year, so it’s definitely difficult finding something new at the event.

Galveston city hall renovations

One word. Edges.

Connection cover League City drainage

Included this for myself mostly. I like that I got a rainbow in the moving water. This is one of my better construction photos for sure. He is well lit and the colors pop well.

Bay Area vs. Boerne Geneva footballBay Area vs. Boerne Geneva football

EMOTIONS! It’s so fun to capture any emotions during sporting events. I felt terrible for theses guys as they couldn’t advance in playoffs but it was also great to see young men get emotional for each other and their game. Sometimes it’s hard to get everything with dark light, but I think these two are a good summary of the feeling throughout the game.