Well I’m almost two weeks late in posting, but I have been busy and honestly wanted to put off going through photos from this month. It was a long one. There was a lot of baseball and graduations, but a lot more tragedy.

A shooter killed 10 kids at Santa Fe High School. Santa Fe is a small town that the Daily News covers frequently. Santa Fe is great community and tragedy struck it horrifically.  Covering this has been the biggest challenge since I began my professional career. Although Harvey affected people on a greater scale, there is no heartbreak like watching a community mourn 10, young souls that were taken too early.

This was a hard lesson to learn. Everyday that I had to cover this, all I wanted to do was put my camera down and cry. However, that was not an option. I had to buck up and do my job even though we were unwanted, and still are. I hope the people of Santa Fe come to realize that we are here for them and only want to tell their stories.

Here are my top ten photos from May.

Bay Area Regional Medical Center declares bankruptcyLois Gibson forensic artistClear Springs vs. Kingwood baseballClear Springs vs. Kingwood baseballVigil in League CityWorship at AldergateCCISD protestTurtle releaseGreater Barbour's Chapel Baptist Church prayerLa Marque graduation

May was a lot of people and a lot of emotion. I think I did a better job at capturing this emotion compared to Harvey. The power and passion people have within them is incredible to me and I hope that you can see that in my photographs.

Here is a little extra of just baseball since I didn’t have any in the edit. I think I got a lot better a shooting the sport as the months have gone on, but unfortunately our Clear Springs did not make it past the regional semifinal playoff series.


I’ll try to stay on top of my photography from June and actually be on time next week. Thanks for reading!