April was a wonderful month for me! I did not work as much as usual because I took some vacation time for the first time since August. I was able to visit friends in Missouri, shoot my friend’s engagement and then I went to Denver for The Image, Deconstructed workshop. The workshop was absolutely incredible. I was able to see and stay with some close friends from the J-school and I learned so much from extremely talented photojournalists that gave us lectures on how to be better storytellers.

During the workshop, I was able to get a portfolio review. Yeah my portfolio got destroyed by a Seattle Times editor. He called my work decent, which I completely understand. He made me realize what I was missing in my photography and I really hope I can truly improve with this advice. It is so easy to get stagnant or even too confident in your work. It is important to stay grounded in this industry so you can continuously improve and work harder to be better. This caused me to immerse myself into finding stories and I have found a couple to work on, so I’m excited for these to come together.

Below I’ve attached my 10 best images for April. This definitely wasn’t my strongest month, but I included a lot of stuff that is different than the regular features I show.

Marika Fuller and Gum Bayou

I love this portrait. Marika Fuller is passionate about changing the drainage systems near her neighborhood so she and her neighbors don’t have to experience another Harvey. I think this portrait makes her look strong and determined.

Tall ships parade

This is a photo from Galveston’s first tall ships parade. I like that you can see the beautiful ships in the distance. I think this photo is good at giving the viewer a realistic perspective.

Tall ship tours

This photo isn’t the most exciting, but you can tell how interested in the tall ship they are. I think the foreground frames them well, but this could have been done better.

Devil and the Deep Brew

This photo was for our business section about a new brewery. Instead of a regular building shot, I decided to get the brewer actually doing his thing. I love the focus on his face and you can tell how much he cares about each batch.

Ball High vs. Texas City

In baseball it can be hard to get good facial expressions, but I love that you can see his face clearly and you understand what everyone is trying to accomplish in the photo.

GC Rodeo

Cows are amazing. Just look at this sweetie shaking off the water. I think this works well as a detail and relays the message that these cows gotta be clean for a show.

GCFR Auction

A more obvious shot, but I enjoy the father/daughter moment. They are working toward the common goal of dressing up her goat. The rodeo was full of fun characters, but I don’t think I shot it as well as I could have. I have never been to a rodeo or livestock auction, so I think I’ll be much more prepared next year.

Clear Falls vs. Clear Creek baseball

There is nothing like a fun celebration shot. I like how this just looks like a snapshot of a moment. You know exactly how these guys feel and it’s nice feeling that through a photo.

Texas City fire

I’ve talked about how breaking news is not my forte and it still isn’t. I included this “meh” photo mostly because of the colors. The yellows and reds pop so much because the smoke has completely covered the apartment. I think it also shows the exhaustion of the firefighters.

I just really like this food shoot. Probably my best so far. 🙂