Every time I begin writing one of these blog posts, it stuns me how much happened in the past month. March was wild, I almost forgot Election Day took place! The month was full of softball, baseball and soccer as well as many portraits for our annual magazine, Profiles, and lots of crawfish. I definitely was not prepared for the infatuation with crawfish. I get it though, those little bugs are delicious.

In this conglomeration of photos, there is a little of everything. Unlike February, which was dominated by Mardi Gras and basketball, there is a little something for everyone in this batch. I am extremely pleased with my boldness and how it has grown since getting this job. I used to fear going up to people and asking for their names and personal information, but now it has become second nature. I also am getting much better at portraits and using off-camera flash. These were definitely not my strengths in the beginning whatsoever (sorry, Rita!) However, I have found myself challenging myself more with each portrait and actually looking forward to using my strobe, which I never thought would happen.

I was told that I would grow as a photographer after getting this job and I can really see that as a look at my photography. I hope you enjoy the 10 best from March, thanks for the support!

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