February was the month of Mardi Gras and basketball and they were definitely my best photos.

Before moving to Galveston, I never understood Mardi Gras because I never understood it. The first night I shot a parade, I fell in love. I was smiling the entire time I was shooting, dancing to the bands and just enjoying everyone’s experiences. I was feeling pretty nervous about properly lighting a night parade, but I think I finally got the hang of it. Overall it was an amazing two weeks of just pure entertainment and joy. Capturing excitement and happiness is a blessing. I love being able to feel people’s energy through photos and I really tried to accomplish that.

Mardi Gras Night OneZ Krewe paradeZ Krewe paradeKnights of Momus

Basketball was almost the opposite of Mardi Gras. We had multiple schools get to the playoffs, but I was not able to take a celebratory photo I was hoping for. Capturing sadness is not as fulfilling as joy, however, you feel so much more from a melancholy photo. I finally got a photo of a player crying after losing a game. I felt bad, but his emotion was so telling of the game. The poor team lost 61-59 and they played so well. Besides taking photos of emotion, I was able to really hone in my skills in basketball. I played with framing, tightened up my frames and tried more artistic, action photos. I absolutely love shooting sports so this was a enjoyable month for me.

Pearland vs. Clear CreekLa Marque vs. East Chambers basketballClear Springs vs. Pearland DawsonPearland vs. Clear Creek

The last two photos are just two of my favorites I took this month. Volunteers came to Clear Creek to pick up trash. There were so many people and even more trash, so I wanted to get a clean photo that showed these volunteers working and I think I did well with the frame below. The other is pure aesthetic. Apparently, Galveston has a fog season and I got to play with that a lot. This photo was a happy find as I was on a bridge at the right moment.

Clear Creek clean upFog feature